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Subject: Fetish for women's tresses
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HAMMERUser is Offline
Long Hair Afficianado
Long Hair Afficianado

03/12/2009 9:31 AM  

May I be the first to employ this particular site.

I have an inquiry to the users of this web...

What makes a hair fetish?  Are there vasrying degrees of what constitutes a fetisher?  I have been called a psycho with a hair fetish.  My enjoyment extends not only to the visual aspect, but the tactile, and sometimes sexual enjoyment.  I, being a chauvinistic, neandratal, and very shallow..base a woman's sensual nature, and feminity, upon the length, style, and texture of her locks. I should like to know the aspects of others need to be surrounded by the waterfalls of silken tresses.


I am, that I am.
jerryUser is Offline

04/19/2009 11:13 AM  

I am surprised nobody has replied about this

From personal experience and things I have read on the internet a long hair fetish is usually sexual in nature and that can cover many aspects of it.  But those who do not understand the love of long hair might consider the admiration of it as sexual even though it is not that way which is how I was as a young boy since I only loved long hair for the sight of it and I did not associate long hair and sex in those ways.

The fetish and sexual part does not always have to be  actual and/or physical since some in the adult section admit looking at pictures and videos of long hair compeling them to masturbation or sexual thoughts.  And I have to admit that I have those same thoughts now that I am middle aged and have been exposed to many ways long hair can be portrayed.

I am curious because this is about men and the fetish for female long hair but how many ladies have a fetish for males with long hair?


ibbityUser is Offline
Long Hair Afficianado
Long Hair Afficianado

04/21/2009 1:46 PM  

my big thing is ponytails. and scissors play... play only.

ErceUser is Offline

05/05/2010 4:30 PM  
I think that the forbidden nature of hair really plays into this. Hair is almost like a body part. How many times have you stood behind someone with long flowing hair at the super market? It's taboo to touch that hair, and in fact, if you did touch it, you might get some angry responses.

I think it's kind of like feet. Feet are enclosed in shoes, or displayed in shoes that are designed to showcase the feet. It is taboo to touch the feet. It's no wonder they are fetishized.

I don't personally have a thing for guys with long hair, but I very much enjoy looking at other longhaired ladies.
eyerightUser is Offline

06/19/2010 8:25 AM  
Surfing and came across this thread. I thought the subject showed promise. Putting the armchair psychiatry and stereotypical observations aside, men are more likely inclined towards fetishism or paraphilia than women. That's just a fact. It doesn't mean that women do not have fetishes its just that men are more susceptible. Paraphilia has many levels but it is basically finding sexual stimulation from inanimate objects. On the other hand a procilivity towards something like vampirism is more a fantasy than a fetish although fetish and fantasy often overlap. There are numerous theories about why someone has a fetish but no one really has the answer. It may be an early childhood experience or it just might be in our DNA. Me? I've tried to find an answer through study, therapy and experience. All I know is that I am highly attracted to women with extremely long hair and that is the first thing I look for. I have had this drive within me from a very young age and I don't know where it comes from. Finding the right combination of looks and personality though has been difficult as it is with any relationship. I believe that as people discuss topics like these more frequently it will cause society to redefine what is considered normal. When it comes to fetishes and fantasies, I find it interesting that people from all different cultures, countries and income levels have certain sexual stiumuli that they enjoy that may not be considered mainstream normal. I'm sure that the long hair goddesses that contribute to these boards (BTW, thank you Leona and Anya) have fans from all over the world and all walks of life. That's my two cents.
HAMMERUser is Offline
Long Hair Afficianado
Long Hair Afficianado

04/12/2011 7:37 AM  


In putting forth this intention was not to cause derision.  Though I am gratified to see that the response has been varied.  I do not know much about the polotical, or spiritual nuances of women's long hair.  I simply know that the sight, smell, and yes, even the occassional honor of touching, is what makes life worth living.  To me, in mine own opinion, the fact that a woman grows her hair long, only adds to her feminity, and sense of passion.  Also an air of mystery.  I would assume, that most women who have very long hair, know the affect is has on men.  I do not say that they grow it solely to please men, only that the pleasured response gives them a sense of, as anyone likes, of being favorably noticed.


I am, that I am.
KitsuUser is Offline

05/15/2011 6:55 PM  
Sorry for being so late in the post, but I am a female with long hair, and a question was posed in regards to how many ladies have a fetish for men with long hair. I do. Wholeheartedly, and I don't know if I can explain why. It is purely just amazing and puts me at a loss for words and need to touch it really.
gomerpyleUser is Offline
Long Hair Afficianado
Long Hair Afficianado

05/15/2012 6:08 PM  
i love your fetish
paul brownUser is Offline

08/14/2013 2:00 AM  
i love to watch woman having their hair done watching a roller set would be faantastic
DanUser is Offline
Long Hair Afficianado
Long Hair Afficianado

08/09/2014 11:37 AM  
Look up Trycophilia
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